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Firm Profile
Hurley~Franks & Associates is a planning and urban design firm whose goal is to develop creative solutions to relevant problems. Our work is guided by three things: (1) physical design, (2) group decision-making, and (3) professional experience. In each project we work towards an ideal: using an explicit decision-making framework to develop supportable solutions to physical problems. At the base of this ideal is the intersection of physical design and the process of decision-making.

Our physical design is guided by an understanding of urban issues and the process of architectural programming. We seek to resolve the physical constraints and programming needs in a way that addresses not only individual buildings and structural elements, but also contributes to the larger physical environment and urban context.

Our process seeks to engage all stakeholders in defining the problem, identifying the goals, developing options, analyzing information, and building agreement. Through this process we encourage a shift in thinking that opens up possibilities and leads to innovative solutions. By going through these steps in collaboration with end-users and decision-makers, we build support for the eventual solution in parallel with developing the solution. Involving all stakeholders improves the quality of the solution and also secures political commitment.

HFA is a professional services firm committed to quality and competence in our work. We develop positive working relationships with our clients and ensure satisfaction through high standards. The partners are intimately involved in every project, and each of our employees develops a broad understanding of our work as well as expertise in specific areas.

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