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Early County 50-Year Master Plan,
Early County, GA

HFA conducted a pre-charrette economic visioning weekend to facilitate community involvement in developing an economic plan for the next 50 years in Early County, Georgia, a very large agricultural county with a small population experiencing a depressed rural economy.
HFA used a variety of workshop techniques, including Open Space Technology, Facilitated Stakeholder Meetings, Idea Train, and Asset Mapping, to draw out community concerns, build support for the process, and begin the process of “growing” leaders to carry on the long-term work of community development.

In addition to developing and facilitating the public meetings and workshops, HFA provided public policy and program development guidance. Key pieces of the final report that drew on HFA’s work included recommendations related to overall economic development strategy, a “Buy Local” campaign, joint marketing and events for downtown, and community lobbying for access to government funds and services.

Click here for the Early County 50-Year Master Plan project sheet

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