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Justison Landing: Riverfront Outreach Project,
Wilmington, DE

In June 2006, the Christina Riverfront witnessed a ground-breaking ceremony for the most extensive mixed-use project ever carried out in the City of Wilmington.

A local developer, the Buccini-Pollin Group, is investing $500 million to develop five parcels of land, totaling approximately 11 acres, along the Christina Riverfront. Construction includes a variety of residential options - 260 condominiums, 50 townhouses, 184 loft units, and 196 apartments. Over 90,000 square feet will be dedicated to retail space and commercial space will encompass 300,000 square feet. The public will enjoy over 2.5 acres of open space and have access to the Christina Riverfront. With these various phases of Justison Landing occurring in the next five years, the project is expected to raise approximately $3 million annually in tax revenue for the City of Wilmington.

The cooperation of various public and private corporations has helped turn the vision of a bustling Riverfront into a reality. Justison Landing’s five new tax parcels were created through the City of Wilmington’s subdivision process. A strong state commitment of environmental funds assisted in the clean up of eleven acres of brownfields. The large-scale construction projects have generated over 450 construction related jobs, which will create approximately 1,000 permanent jobs within Justison Landing.

With the construction of Justison Landing underway, many public and private corporations are looking to leverage other projects in its vicinity. Various agencies are in preliminary discussions about improving access to the Riverfront via I-95, and constructing a new bridge over the Christina River south of the Shipyard Shops.

During the planning/design phase of the project, HFA facilitated many internal Project Team meetings, which were documented with official minutes. HFA also programmed and managed a large public information session where City of Wilmington residents and business owners were invited to learn more about the environmental mitigation process and programmed development.

Click here for the Justison Landing: Riverfront Outreach project sheet

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